The Dock

Why this dock?

The Modern Dock is the only dock that actually saves you time. You never have to look for a charger. You just drop your phone in the top and it charges.

How does the dock charge my phone?

When you drop your phone in the Modern Dock it plugs itself into a removable micro-usb or lightning cable that is plugged into a 12-watt power adapter in the base of the dock. Alternatively, you can remove the power adapter and plug the USB cable straight into your computer.

Will my phone recieve a signal while it’s in the dock?

Yes. Most phones have their antennas located in the top half of the phone. Additionally, we have not seen any signal degredation even with phones that have their antennas partialy covered by the dock.

How big of a device will fit in the dock?

The size of the insert is 3.7 inches wide by .7 inches deep. Devices that don’t fit in the dock can use an insert that allows them to sit on top like a conventional dock.

Will the dock damage my table?

The dock comes with a rubber pad on the bottom that will protect your surfaces from damage.

How does one clean a Modern Dock?

The dock can usually be cleaned with a cloth or gentle cleaner. If your dock gets seriously scratched up you can take it to a local polishing shop which will probably charge around $10 to polish it.


How are the inserts made?

The inserts are printed on our own high-end consumer 3D printers with clear PLA plastic. They are then hand-painted with epoxy paint that we color ourselves.

How do the Glow-in-the-Dark inserts work?

The Glow-in-the-Dark inserts have a clear coat which is mixed with a small amount of Glow-in-the-Dark powder. They emit a dim glow so you can still sleep in the same room.

Will you make an insert so I can use the dock like a normal dock?

Yes. Making those inserts is in our immediate plans.

When will you support my device?

You can request an insert on the “Request an Insert” tab on the Modern Dock product page. We will get back to you with an estimate of if and when we will support it.

Do you do custom colors?

We have a minimum order of three docks to do custom colored inserts.

Do you design custom inserts?

We have a minimum order of five docks to do custom designed inserts.


Where is the Modern Dock manufactured?

All of our production takes place in Los Angeles County and Orange County, California.


How is the dock shipped?

Docks are clamped in between two microsuede-wrapped pieces of 1/2 inch plywood and placed in a box. Currently all orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

Why is international shipping so expensive?

International shipping includes the cost to individually ship all the inserts that you order. If you order enough inserts you never have to pay us another cent, even if you live in Tanzania.

The Future

Will you ever make a non-shiny dock?

It is not in our current plans. Maybe if there is enough demand.

Will you ever make a dock with two slots?

Probably, but not before 2016.