Will the Reactor work with devices that are not USB Power Delivery enabled?

Yes!  USB Power Delivery is merely a communication protocol that the Reactor supports. The Reactor will charge or power existing devices that are not USB Power Delivery enabled with adapter cables.

Can I bring a Reactor on a plane?

Yes. Per FAA rules every traveler can carry-on up to two Reactor sized batteries.

How can I change the settings on a Reactor?

Basic settings can be adjusted using the central touch sensor surrounding the USB ports. You can also change the Reactor’s settings through the Reactor smartphone app.

What’s to prevent a Reactor from rolling off a table?

We offer an octagonal silicone sleeve which prevents a Reactor from rolling off surfaces and also protects it from bumps.


What is USB Power Delivery?

USB Power Delivery is a new standard through which devices with USB ports can ask for additional power over the standard supplied by USB 3.0. Devices can request up to 20 volts and 5 Amps, resulting in a maximum of 100 watts.

What are custom power profiles?

Power profiles are specific settings for devices that are not USB Power Delivery enabled. Custom power profiles allow you to use virtually any electronic device that needs between 5 volts and 20 volts DC.

What does the LED ring indicate?

By default the LED ring will display charging rates, battery level and can also function as a flashlight.

Why does the Reactor only have three ports?

With an inexpensive USB-PD splitter cable you can charge three smartphones and a tablet at full power from only one port. With an active splitter cable you can charge up to 18 smartphones simultaneously from one port.

What other devices support USB Power Delivery?

No consumer devices currently support USB Power Delivery. However this will change in 2014 as many new devices are released.

Can a Reactor be used as a USB hub?


What are Wifi and Bluetooth used for?

Bluetooth allows the Reactor to connect to the smartphone app. Wifi will be used in the future for applications where a smartphone is not always present.

On what mobile devices will the mobile app run?

The app will run on iOS and Android. We also hope to add support for Windows Phone 8 when we have time.

I saw that the Reactor is waterproof with the endcap, is it washing machine safe? Is it dishwasher safe?

While the Reactor is very rugged and might survive these events, please do not attempt to wash the Reactor in a dishwasher or washing machine.


What is included with the Reactor?

The Reactor comes with one USB power delivery cable capable of transferring up to 100 watts of power.

Does the Reactor come with an AC adapter?

No. Not including an AC adapter allows us to sell the Reactor at a lower price, and many people will charge their Reactors exclusively on DC power.


Where will the Reactor be manufactured?

The majority of production will happen in California.

How can I get updates about the status of the Reactor?

Customers will receive regular updates via email. Everyone can follow along at

What is the current status of the Reactor?

All of the components that will go in the Reactor have been selected, and the general design is set. We may, however need to make significant changes before going into mass production.


In what order will the Reactors be shipped?

Reactors will be shipped in the order that they were ordered.

Is shipping included in the price?

Shipping to the United States is included. International shipping is $40.

To what countries will the Reactor ship?

The Reactor will ship to all countries that we can achieve certification in. If we are unable to receive certification for your country we will refund your money.